[Living] A peek into my bedroom with IKEA

This is a pretty personal post as you will get a sneak peek into my bedroom. Besides sleeping, the bedroom is a place I spend most of my waking moments whenever I am home. Hence, I’ve always placed great importance in the look and feel of my bedroom.

A common question I get from many: “Is your entire house white?” More or less, I guess. I like it to be kept minimal and basic. But it requires consistent housekeeping in order to maintain the orderliness. Disclaimer: I can tolerate mess, and my room is usually messier than what you will see in the following pictures. Admittedly, I did some spring cleaning prior to this post.


Recently, my room has been getting more disorganised due to the accumulation of loose items – they were practically littered everywhere! My room is not big and so the clutter does get into my way sometimes. And so off I went to IKEA for a one-stop solution to this bedroom mess. FYI, they recently released a new collection of bedroom and bathroom items.

I procured several things from my recent trip to IKEA. My biggest purchase was a new chair for my desk. I also got new ceiling lights, bedsheets, a pillow, and storage for my knick-knacks amongst other items.

I love how ingenious IKEA is with their storage ideas. As my room is not spacious, these storage items are great for hiding clutter. For example, I love their drawer inserts that help to organize my otherwise haphazard drawer. These storage don’t have to be boring too; they come in stylish forms besides the usual plastic. For instance, I purchased a nifty woven storage container that can double up as decor.

My room is much neater and organized now, thanks to IKEA!

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Here’s a quick summary of my IKEA purchases:

1. Chair (GREGOR)
2. Bed linen (BJÖRNLOKA)
3. Knit pillow (VINTER)
4. Ceiling light (KNAPPA)
5. Handwoven box with lid (FRYKEN)
6. Rail above desk – can’t find this on the site as I got it a while back
7. Drawer inserts (BILLINGEN)
8. Acrylic storage
9. Suction hooks (STUGVIK)
10. Wooden hanger (HÄNGA)

And last but not least, a bouquet of beautiful white, blue and lilac fresh blooms from Terra the Florist to brighten up my bedroom space – thank you for the love!


This is a sponsored post by IKEA.