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Vickii is a full-time consultant and a part-time content creator based in Singapore. She dabbles in photography and social media marketing, and appreciates clean aesthetics and minimalism. As someone who enjoys the excitement that travelling brings, she is constantly thinking of the next city to visit. 
Vickii has worked with iconic brands such as Miu Miu, Benefit, Chobani, Luxola, Hada Labo, Fresh and IKEA. Her work has been featured in various publications, including Food & Travel and CATALOG magazine.  
This site serves to document her recipes, travelling experiences and various lifestyle content. In her free time, she enjoys making food, eating and doing yoga.
V’s Kitchen (by Vickii Ma) : Specializes in macarons, loaf cakes, Japanese roll cakes, wholesome granola and vegan cakes. Casual orders are taken and pop-up bake sales are held from time to time.
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