Beauty tips: Activate your skin’s innerlight!

Let me be honest here. I’m hardly a skincare person, but recently, due to increasing exposure to beauty products and with the coming of age (sadly), I’ve been more concerned about my skin. I’ve been blessed with good genes and skin that is mostly problem-free, but it is still a reminder to not take my good skin for granted.

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If I were to list down my biggest skin woes, it would be:

  1. Uneven skin tone/lack of radiance
  2. Dry skin

The problem, especially the lack of radiance, worsens whenever I do not get enough rest or when I’m feeling stressed. And like many, I start most of my days looking quite pale. I’ve always wished I could wake up with a glowy complexion on regular days. If only I could always recreate the natural glow that I get after a session of hot yoga or when I am back from a well-rested holiday.

So when L’Oreal sent me the Youth Code Luminizing Essence for a product test, I was happy to try. Perhaps, this might help me to activate my skin’s inner light to achieve the natural, glowy complexion I’ve always desired!


I have tried to recreate the luminous glow by drinking plenty of water, exercising, and applying blush. However, these things require discipline, energy and time, which is hard for me at times. To me, when it comes to skincare, the more no-frills and effective the product is, the better it is for me. I’m not one to go through several steps in my skin care routine.

DSC_0661 copy

Here’s a barefaced (and no filter) picture of me on Day 5 of product-test. Objectively speaking, my skin does look brighter and more illuminated even without anything on!


After applying in the morning, my skin looks visibly rested and youthfully luminous. The morning after an overnight application, my skin looks more glowy. If I were to continue using it, I might actually be able to activate my skin’s inner light and achieve that natural, luminous glow which I’ve always desired, and in an efficient manner.

This is the first time I’m trying a product with such properties and I’m still at the initial stages of testing, however, the product has not given me any problems so far. Till now, I only have praises to sing for it!


The Youth Code Luminizing Essence has a luxurious and somewhat unique formula which is absorbed rather quickly into my skin and leaves a light and velvety smooth finish. I like the product’s texture. It also has a sweet rose pink hue that smells light and pleasant. However, I might prefer a product with a more neutral scent and colour.

In four simple steps, you can activate your skin’s inner light!

  1. Release one pump-full onto your palm
  2. Distribute evenly around the palm
  3. Lightly pat onto face and neck area
  4. Allow essence to be absorbed

The ingredients (3Ps) are mostly Pro Crystein (brightens skin tone), Pearls (enhances transparency of skin )and Pore refiner (evens out skin texture). Together, they activate your skin’s inner light to help you achieve the natural luminous glow! I think these key ingredients make the $45.90 price tag worth it. I apply the essence before my serum or moisturizer, and I find that it helps me illuminate my dry and dull skin, and leaves my skin feeling more refreshed, smooth and balanced.

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The Youth Code Luminizing Essence is now available at Watsons from 16June – 16 July. It will hit all Watsons, Guardian, SASA, department stores, major hypermarkets from 17July onwards. Retailing at $45.90. Check in stores for promotional discounts. Activate your skin’s inner light today! #Activateskinlight