Beauty Tips: Goodbye puffy face, hello to a V-shaped face!

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Typically, most Asian women desire beautiful large eyes, a small nose, and an oval-shaped face.  Most of us long for a visible jawline and a distinctive profile with sharp contours.

I wish I had a more V-shaped face too. A problem I face is water retention and bloat, especially after getting out of bed in the morning. It does not help that I tend to consume a lot of water just before bedtime.

As we age and as our lifestyles change, our face loses its definition due to the accumulation of excess water and fat in the tissues. There are just too many factors that contribute to water retention and a puffy face. For example, food laden with sodium is also said to cause water retention.

To combat a puffy face, some people opt for surgery, Botox, and even face lifting bands. In Korea, a recent trend in cosmetic surgery involves “V-Line” surgery, where changes are made to a patient’s jaw in order to make it more V-shaped.

I also know of some face lifting products in the market but I’ve not tried them. Reason being, I was skeptical of their effectiveness and they exceed my budget.

Before trying out Loreal’s Revitalift V Shaper Instant Shaping Serum, my impression of such products is that they tend to over-promise and are a way of profiteering on consumers’ insecurities.

However, after trying out Loreal’s Revitalift V Shaper Instant Shaping Serum for just 3 days, I’m sold.

I’m someone who prefers products that feel light on my face because I want my skin to feel like it can ‘breathe’, so I’m glad Loreal’s Revitalift V Shaper has a light texture and is quick to absorb. There is a light tightening sensation on my skin after application. My face actually feels slimmer and my cheeks look more defined after application. I also received compliments from friends that my skin looks more youthful and taut!


What’s the magic behind it? The serum is powered by a Dual System:

Pro-tensium 3D: Creates a tensing film to visibly tighten and firm the skin. It acts like an invisible slimming band for your face, holding the shape of your face making it more V shape.

Anti-Puffiness System (Caffeine & Escin – Natural Agents): Boosts skin’s  microcirculation & Favours the elimination of toxin to reduce puffiness.

Usage Regime

Use the Revitalift V Shaper before moisturizer and eye care.

In order to enhance the product’s efficacy, it is highly recommended that you follow the suggested method of massaging your cleansed face upon application (see Steps 3 (SLIM), 4 (LIFT), and 5 (DRAIN) on how to massage your face).


Overall, I like Loreal’s Revitalift V Shaper and would recommend it.

In just 3 days, I saw the difference. With its fast and almost immediate effects, it has become my confidence booster on days when I feel bloated. I would strongly advise you to be disciplined and follow the massage techniques — they actually feel very good and relaxing! As I massage my face, I can feel my blood flow better and the toxins dispel from my skin. With this serum, I can say goodbye to my puffy face and hello to a V-shaped face!

Where to buy?

Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Fairprice, Giant and selected departmental stores. Retailing at only $39.90, it is one of the most affordable V-shaping serums in the market that actually works.

Thank you, L’oreal Paris Singapore for granting me with the privilege to test the new Revitalift V Shaper!


(Photos in this post are taken with my Samsung Galaxy Camera II.)

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