Fueling a fulfilling 2018

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Singapore

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Discovering my Aura Type

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Thanks to BRAND’S, I recently discovered what is my aura type (in other words, personality profile).

Guess what? My aura type is “The Hero”.  

The results of the short questionnaire explained that the main motivator of my personality type is “to prove your worth, and your greatest fears are being weak and failures,” and that “your challenge is to bring meaning to what you do, perhaps by choosing your battles wisely, by using courage to succeed, or by developing self-discipline where needed.” It also mentioned that “you seek to win in every situation, no matter what confronts you, including the monsters that lurk in the mind – and your underlying fear of being seen as weak. You help others to set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles and persist through difficult times.”

I am amazed the results accurately revealed my personality and mindset towards life. I also like how it offered words of advice and the next steps I should take, as there is definitely room for improvement. The results provided me with the clarity I needed. Such a timely period as I bid goodbye to 2017 and think about how to have a more meaningful 2018 ahead.

Taking the road less travelled

Some of my 2017 highlights include: 1. Leaving my cushy corporate job as a Management Consultant, 2. Growing my blogging/ photography studio career, and 3. Traveling to 14 cities the past year.

The first point was a defining moment for me. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. My ex-career was on the right trajectory and I had supportive mentors and colleagues. A primary reason I left is because I believed taking the road less ventured could lead to greater self-discovery and personal growth. Another contributing factor was that I wanted to pursue something meaningful and closer to my heart. My childhood dream was to be an entrepreneur. It was evident during my younger days; I would hold garage sales at my backyard and I ran an online bakery while studying.

Encountering setbacks

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Being a content creator may appear easy but it doesn’t mean that it is. I’ve encountered my fair share of setbacks and obstacles on this path but I believe that overcoming them is key to further growth. One of them was dealing with objections from some of the people closest to me. They could not understand why I would leave a stable career for something so unpredictable. Despite the obstacles, I persisted and worked hard at achieving my goals. It was a constant process of self-improvement and learning, and I had to fight off the demons in my head.

Seems like my aura type results are pretty telling, huh?

The importance of finding one’s purpose

Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest

Looking back, the journey hasn’t been the easiest but I do feel a lot more contented and purposeful than before. That is not to say that life is a bed of roses now; I’m facing a different set of challenges. I think it’s about knowing what you want, and how your life decisions determine the challenges you face each day. Choose your battles wisely, they say.

Striking out on my own has allowed me to unlock my potential and to become a better version of myself. I’ve felt myself grow over the year. So far, it’s been one of the best decisions in life. I’m able to turn this “little hobby” of mine into a legitimate business.  

Whether the past year has been good or bad for you, I’d encourage you to spend some time to think about the year ahead. Think of your purpose in life, and what keeps you going. Think about making 2018 a fulfilling and meaningful journey for yourself.

Discover your Aura Type at the interactive #IgNightSG BRAND’S exhibition

Brands IgNight

Brands IgNight 00.10

Good news! You can also unlock your aura type by visiting the #IgNightSG BRAND’S exhibition held at the dreamy Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay. As a visitor, you will get to participate in the aura type questionnaire. Having the knowledge of your personality profile is a good starting point of self-discovery. It can also provide clarity as to why you behave in a certain manner.

This experiential exhibition also suggests action steps and helps you to unravel what your aura type should desire to achieve. These words of advice is helpful if you don’t know where to begin!

Apart from that, there are exciting interactive stations as you walk through Gardens by the Bay. Some of the highlights to expect are enchanting light installations, multi-media displays and projections of inspirational quotes.

Event details

Date: 29 Dec to 31 Dec.

Time: 6pm to 10pm.

Location: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953.

Details: Standard admission charges to Cloud Forest apply. Pricing details here.

If you’re in town during this year-end period, why not swing by the #IgNightSG exhibition organised by BRAND’S? I think it’s a meaningful and inspiring way to spend the last few days of December!

I hope this exhibition will have an enlightening effect on you, like it did for me. Best wishes to everyone for the new year ahead, I look forward to an exciting 2018 with you!

About BRAND’S #FuelABetterMe

“BRAND’S® Fuel a Better Me series features Singaporean millennials who go above and beyond to pursue something that is meaningful and close to their hearts. The act of pursuing their passion and giving back to the community fuels their sense of purpose as they chartered on un-ventured territories and overcome setbacks.”

It’s never too late to start thinking… What fuels a better you?

This post is in partnership with BRAND’S Singapore.