A Sneak Peek into the IKEA Catalogue 2018: Top 10 New Products to Pull Inspiration from ASAP!

IKEA Catalog 2018

Ever since I was a child, the annual IKEA Catalogue has always been one of my favourite mails to receive. I’ve always enjoyed flipping through the pages and attaching post-its to the pages that contain my shopping wish list. Are you guilty of that too?

I felt the same warm fuzzy feeling when the IKEA team sent me the advance copy of the 2018 IKEA Catalogue, it was almost like Christmas arrived early. I would pick it up whenever I needed a break from work, as it’s therapeutic just flipping through the pages and pulling inspiration for new furnishing ideas.

Over lunch one day, I could not contain my excitement and started tagging the pages of products that caught my eye. And wow, this 2018 IKEA Catalogue is indeed something different from its archives.

I LOVE the theme of the latest edition for many reasons – it is cheerful, clever and engaging, and makes me feel like my dream home is just a store away. I also enjoyed reading the casually-written editorial content that speaks directly to me as a consumer. Moreover, IKEA collaborated with British designer Tom Dixon to produce refreshing takes on traditional furniture.

This latest catalogue emphasises on the living room and aims to inspire customers with smart home furnishing solutions that will help them “Make Room For Life”. After all, the living room is one of the most key areas in a home, where family and friends connect over a wholesome home-cooked meal or celebrate special occasions.

With over 400 new products and 100 even lower-priced offers, the 2018 IKEA Catalogue encourages customers to look beyond the walls of their homes to create the dream space, all at affordable price tags!

As IKEA puts it, “regardless of wallet size or living space, 2018 is about enabling you to make more room for things you love in your life – to help you get a few steps closer to your dream home.”

I’m really excited to share more of my top picks with you in this post.


1. SKUGGIS hook (S$7.90/ea)

These hooks are made of clear lacquered bamboo, and I absolutely adore its sleek design. Perfect for hanging up your go-to bags and sweaters so you don’t have to rummage through your cabinet when you are rushing out of the house.

2. SVALNAS wall mounted workspace combination (S$445)

Staying organised is easy with this neat mounted workspace that looks aesthetically pleasing as well! Thoughtful items like plants, books, and a sleek clock are the perfect finishing touches for this open shelf with a modern edge. This is a great example of how exposed shelves can completely transform how a space feels.

3. DUNANG throw (S$69)

I always liked the idea of layering different textures and colours to add some nice structure to a bed or sofa. This throw is the perfect shade of grey that is also versatile to complement your existing furniture.

4. DELAKTIG sofa (Tom Dixon collab)

You know amazing things are about to happen when IKEA joins hands with British designer Tom Dixon. This collaborative effort explored innovative ways to adapt conventional furniture into something that is comfortable, modern and functional. The result is a DELAKTIG, a sofa that can be customised with add-ons and accessories such as a table-top. This seemingly simple sofa can take on many forms and styles that cater to an individual’s usage. The sofa has an aluminium frame – designed to be long lasting, yet also entirely recyclable. Available early 2018, subject to change.

5. MYRHEDEN, frame (S$25.90)

This frame is nickel-plated and great for displaying your favourite objects of the moment. The clips make it easy to display and swap out items any time. I plan on using it to display photos and hang my go-to accessories.

6. ODGER chair (S$95)

The ODGER chair is a minimalist’s dream come true! Besides its statement design, it is also an innovation when it comes to materials. Made with a mix of wood and plastic (of which more than 50% of the plastic is recycled), this chair is an environmentally-friendly option. With its curved look and bowl-shaped seat, it is designed for hours of comfortable seating. It will be available in light brown, off-white or blue.

7. YPPERLIG three seat sofa bed (S$949)

8. YPPERLIG coffee table (S$69)

I love the Scandinavian simplicity in the YPPERLIG range. This good-looking sofa also doubles up as a bed – how great! IKEA designed this with the aim of offering a good night’s sleep, and they achieved this by using a spring mattress as the seat. The result is a sleek sofa that offers comfort and convenience.

Since I’m at it, I would pick the YPPERLIG coffee table to match the sofa. I really like the contemporary look of this matte black coffee table. Already, I can imagine it to be an excellent prop for photographing my flatlays and afternoon tea. The YPPERLIG range is available early Oct 2017.

9.TILLAGD, 24pc cutlery set (S$89)

Up your dinner hosting game with this cutlery set. Oh, the brass makes me go weak in the knees! For something that is timeless and glamorous-looking, I would think the price (S$89 for 24pcs) is hard to beat. Perfect for special occasions or simply to add a fresh and modern touch to your dinnerware. A little bit of brass never hurt anybody either. Word has it that there’s a black finish available too.

10. VEDBO high-back arm chair (S$399)

The VEDBO chair is Scandinavian-chic and ultra-cosy. I’m digging the statement design, complete with a lovely shade of dark grey upholstery that complements an existing room effortlessly.


The year has whizzed by in a blink. With only a quarter of 2017 left, it’s time to start thinking of new changes for the new year. Perhaps, a living room revamp and a reason to declutter? As IKEA aptly says it, Make Room For Life. Hopefully this list will help you draw inspiration for your own home too!

This post is in collaboration with #IKEASG. 

Prices stated are in SGD.