[Living] Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Now it’s on to the final challenge of the IKEA x SG Blogs campaign. Time flies and it’s been 4 months since the start of the collaboration. The year is passing too quickly! As I’m writing this, I have unofficially graduated from University and about to start my next phase of life. I’d be embarking on a few personal projects and one of them includes revamping my humble abode – with IKEA of course. I’m feeling excited just thinking of the possibilities!

So this post is in line with IKEA’s Bed & Bath campaign (refer to this link for my previous IKEA bedroom post). I believe that the key to a happy home is a happy private life – a little effort goes a long way!

It’s really not that difficult to organize your private life and IKEA provides that simple solution. Initially, I felt uninspired when attempting to brainstorm for bathroom ideas. However, after shopping at the Bath section of IKEA, ideas flowed naturally. This is what I love about IKEA – the way the store is organized allows one to visualize the furniture in his/her own space. Moreover, I always enjoy poring over the pages of the IKEA catalog to get inspired.


Bathroom mats are essential and can look good too. These are purchased separately and they are made of microfiber. I like how there’s a curvature that fits the toilet bowl nicely. TOFTBO, Bath mat ($7.90 & $5.90 respectively)


This mirror requires drilling but is absolutely worth the effort. It’s extendable and adjustable and perfect for ladies to apply their make-up. FRACK, Mirror ($19.90)


This nifty storage unit allows me to organize my beauty products in a systematic and neat fashion. GODMORGON, Storage unit, set of 3 ($19.90)


I store cotton buds and pads in this box that is great for hiding loose items. FRYKEN, Box with lid, set of 3 ($14.90)


These hooks are perfect as they are attached using suction, making it easy to change positions any time. No drilling required at all so it doesn’t ruin your bathroom walls. I also purchased it for my bedroom (via here).  What an ingenious invention! STUGVIK, Hook with suction cup ($7.90 / 2 pieces)


Plants should not only be limited to your outdoor space. Why not place some in the bathroom to add some life and colour? This is an artificial potted plant so no worries if you forget to water! (Plant, FEKJA, $3.90& plant pot, SOCKER, $1.90)


Thank you IKEA for the gift card to solve my bathroom woes!

Note: Prices are in $SGD and are accurate as of 21 April 2015.

This is a sponsored post by IKEA.