[Living] Food Photography with IKEA

Since I’ve been getting questions on where I get my props from, I decided to write a post featuring a part of my collection. Truth is, I procure my homeware from all over the world. It’s the best kind of souvenir for me. My recent trip to the States saw me bringing home some 10kg worth of homewares, I kid you not (another post for that, some day).

The good news is that you don’t have to travel very far to get your hands on beautiful homeware. I wrote this post so that it is more accessible to those looking for props that can spruce up your food photos.

The items in this post are all from IKEA Singapore. I love how their items are durable and reasonably priced. Thank you once again, IKEA, for making this possible.

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Left: Jug (SOCKERART),  $12.90. This can double up as a pitcher or a vase. Here I used it to display my dried flowers.

Right: Variety of mugs (IKEA 365+ Mug, $3.90), bowls (ARV, $3.90), plates (Stockholm, $29.90 for 2 pieces) and teaspoons (DRAGON dessert spoons, $7.90 for 6 pieces). The small bowls and round plates are part of the exclusive IKEA Stockholm collection.


Here I used the small bowls to plate my homemade Salted Dark Chocolate ice cream — it is so rich and smooth! I’ve been experimenting with ice cream lately. As I’m writing this post, a new batch of Speculoos ice cream is setting in the freezer. Yes, I still have my dreams of opening an ice cream shop some day.


Left: Wooden chopping board (PROPPMATT, $5.90) and cake-slicer (DRAGON Cake-slice, $7.90).

Right: Assorted tablecloths. These are great for styling and to add some colour and texture to your shots. I also got a large white table cloth (CAJA, $24.90) that can be used as a backdrop for your photos.

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Over here I used the wooden chopping board (PROPPMATT, $5.90) to serve some freshly baked Black Sesame bread. Very minimalistic and neat!

Some tips:

1. When in doubt, choose solid white. White (plates and such) is great for food photography as food always looks more appealing against a white backdrop.

2. Natural daylight is the best filter.

3. Some staple basics are worth investing in, e.g. wooden chopping board and table cloth.

4. Textures! Use a table cloth, napkin or rustic wood surface.

5. Add a human touch. Ask your companion to pick at the food, pour the syrup, etc.

6. Mix and match. Props do not always have to match. Some variations on complementary colours, textures can make for beautiful pictures.


This post is sponsored by IKEA Singapore. Prices are accurate as of 28 May 2015.