[Food] Fetish Matcha at Antoinette

Matcha aficionados, rejoice!

Antoinette has launched its inaugural Fetish series, ‘Fetish Matcha’ which runs from 27 May until July 2016.

I had the privilege of indulging in all 22 matcha items from the set the other night. Yes, you heard that right. Not just one, but twenty-two of them. As I always say, “it is never too Matcha.” A huge thanks to Chef Pang for curating this special menu.


Source: Antoinette

The Fetish Matcha range includes both sweet and savoury – think matcha milk jam, matcha french toast, matcha crepes, matcha pancakes, matcha pasta, matcha latte and matcha cake of course! The menu leans towards the sweeter side so if you’re a sweet tooth, this is for you. And even if you’re not, it is still worth trying because how often do you get to try so many matcha items at a go?


Here I’ll be highlighting some of items from the Fetish Matcha series.

1. Matcha-Truffle pasta with Sakura Ebi 


Because we all need some salt to counterbalance all the sugar we’ll be ingesting in this meal. Here, the Matcha powder is mixed into the pasta dough. The Morel mushrooms are a nice touch – or maybe I’m just biased towards this honeycomb-like wild mushroom. If you prefer a stronger matcha flavour, you can eat the pasta with the matcha powder provided on the side.

2. Matcha French Toast

What a stunning dish. I love the idea of fluffy matcha brioche drenched in maple syrup and vanilla Chantilly on the side. This is breakfast fit for a queen. If I could do it my way, I would sandwich matcha and chestnut cream between the brioche slices.



3. Matcha Pancakes

Another great breakfast idea. Absolutely digging the marron glacé (chestnut) Chantilly on the side. The rum-spiked chestnut Chantilly is also a pleasant surprise.


4. Matcha Crepes

Thin slices of matcha-infused crepes filled generously with French chestnut cream and vanilla Chantilly. So indulgent but so good. I would return just for this dish.


5. Matcha Croissant

Slice into the crisp and buttery pastry to reveal an oozy matcha lava center. A must-order for Matcha lovers!



6. Matcha Pop

Magnum’s doppelgänger, but not exactly. This is essentially a Matcha cake in popsicle form, layered with white chocolate and matcha ganache and then enrobed with milk chocolate, chocolate and roasted almonds. Love the marriage of different textures here. Definitely one of my favourites in this set!


7. Matcha Truffle and Matcha Swiss Rocks

Creamy matcha ganache wrapped in milk chocolate, the Matcha Truffle has a bold matcha flavour which I like.

I could not stop popping the addictive Matcha Swiss Rocks – lightly caramelized almond slivers enrobed in matcha chocolate. You have been warned, these bite-sized morsels are hard to resist. They boast a matcha flavour that is intense enough for aficionados out there.


Matcha-228. Matcha Milk Jam

One cannot stop at one serving of the Matcha Milk Jam. Spread it on toast or use it as a base for your pastry custards – you will be surprised how versatile it is. If you run out of ideas (or a spoon), dip your fingers in and have it on its own. Pure, unadulterated matcha bliss.


9. Matcha Strawberry Shortcake

A twist to Antoinette’s classic Strawberry Shortcake. Light sponge layers with a hint of Matcha. This is an elegant addition to the table.


Cross sections of the Matcha Strawberry Shortcake and Matcha Pop.


10. Matcha Latte

The showstopper of the night – hot matcha latte with a giant fluff of cotton candy hovering over it. The heat from the beverage melts the ‘cloud’ to create a raindrop like effect, which then drizzles sugar into the latte. This reminds me of the rainbow ones from a particular cafe in Bangkok. Definitely an Instagram-worthy moment!

If you prefer something lighter, you will love the Matcha Yuzu Lychee Iced Tea (not pictured) for its citrus notes which blend effortlessly with the matcha.


There are hits and misses in this series, but it’s also a matter of personal preference. Overall, I enjoyed this one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Are you ready to inhale all things Matcha? Available at Penhas only, the La Carte Fetish Matcha set is specially prepared for 4 people at $190++. The set includes most of the items from the Fetish Matcha series. Else, you can order it as ala-carte items instead. All items except the Matcha Latte and La Carte Fetish Matcha are available at Mandarin Gallery.

In support of the Singapore Children’s Society OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund, “Food for Dreams”, a dollar will be donated for every order of the selected Matcha items. Five dollar ($5) from the sale of each La Carte Fetish Matcha will be donated to the campaign.

Antoinette 30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street) Singapore 208188 / Tel: (65) 6293 3121