an outdoor picnic shoot



So this is my first picnic-themed shoot. Idyllic, light and airy, just how I envisioned my dream picnic to be. 

Picnic blanket? Checked. Picnic basket? Checked. Assortment of pastries and sweets? Checked. Flowers? Checked. And we’re good to go!

I’m lucky to be featured in the July issue of CATALOG Magazine. In the feature, I shared my recipe for macarons. It was an honour to be featured amongst many inspiring and fashionable individuals. This whole issue is beautiful so be sure to grab a copy!

Despite the fact that we experienced slightly unfavourable weather conditions, we went ahead and were all covered in mud, but it was all worth it for the perfect shot! I had a fun time shooting with the CATALOG team, and it would have been quite amusing if someone captured more of the behind-the-scenes photos. Fortunately or unfortunately, they don’t exist *beams*.

The photos turned out beautiful thanks to Franz‘s amazing photography skills. I’m absolutely in love with this set of photos! It was decided that we would have a nordic-inspired picnic photoshoot. For this shoot, I prepared currant scones, a lemon-poppy seed loaf cake and macarons, of course. Picnics are not complete without fresh blooms- thank you One Olive for the gorgeous bouquet!

I’ve always loved the idea of outdoor picnics. Unfortunately, Singapore’s weather doesn’t really allow it. Whenever I travel, I usually make it a point to have a picnic at least once. To me, half the fun of my overseas travel is exploring local markets, groceries and fresh produce. I feel like that is one of the best ways to experience the local culture.

All photos were taken by Franz of lilreddotfolks. The photos here are not to be reproduced or used in any form without permission and consent by Franz. Please credit accordingly, thank you.








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