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By invitation of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, I was given the chance to attend their SpiceOdyssey event last Friday evening. As mentioned in my previous post, the event is a showcase of the students’ culinary craft creativity in coming up with renditions according to a theme, as part of their final year project. 


Photo credits: At-Sunrice

During the event, we were able to sample creations bearing a unique theme. There were 6 themes in total: Culinary, Intoxicants, Health & Beauty, Rainbow, Aromatics and Sex & Sensuality. Each room was representative of a theme, from the decor to the menu and even the students’ outfits! The tour would begin with the students sharing about what inspired their creation. It’s always nice to witness people who are passionate about what they do. Needless to say, we all marvelled at the attractive display before us and went trigger happy!

While we toured the place, the spacious and well-equipped studio kitchens within the culinary school caught my attention. We walked past a fruit carving class, as well as rooms with large marble counter tops (perfect for tempering chocolate and making pastry!). I wish I had access to such a professional kitchen too.




I was wowed by the plating of the creations and the creative spins on conventional dishes we are used to. It was both a feast for the eyes and stomach! They successfully delivered an element of surprise for each theme. We made our rounds, one room after another, and I felt like I was on a gastronomic adventure as each theme unfurled.



An assortment of sweets and savouries from the “Rainbow Kingdom” menu. One of the highlights for me – featured on the top of my post – was the petit Sweet Potato Mont Blanc. Loving the gorgeous deep violet hue of this 100% naturally dyed dessert.



These “mushrooms” are actually made of light earl grey bavarian cream with lemon meringue cookies, too cute!


Chocolate sponge with chilli padi mousse


A student, proud of his “Popping Foie Gras” creation – panfried foie gras with chocolate and popping candy. I’m not usually a fan of foie gras but I liked this version.


Some vodka infused fruit juice for you? This was really refreshing!


Beef stew with colourful vegetables, served in cute holders.


Salted egg sable with sweet olive oil ganache. I liked this. The texture of the sable was perfectly tender.


It was a lovely and eye-opening experience for me. With this, I think the culinary scene in Singapore is going to be a promising one. We have so much undiscovered talent within our shores. I’m looking forward to how they will contribute to the Singapore F&B scene in the near future.

Interested to explore Culinary Arts, Pastry and Bakery, F&B Management and Culinary Nutrition at a higher education level? At-Sunrice has several basic and advanced programmes catered for you!

Good news! To those interested in finding out more, At-Sunrice will be having an upcoming Open House next Friday, 17 October between 5 to 8 pm. Visit to enjoy various food demos, a career talk and academy tours. Please RSVP here: http://rsvp.at-sunrice.com

Thank you once again At-Sunrice for the opportunity to attend this significant event!

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