[Recipes] A quick and easy meal with IKEA’s new veggie balls

How to get kids to eat their vegetables.

Introducing the quickest way to get kids to eat their vegetables. Now available at the IKEA restaurants. http://bit.ly/IKEAsgRestaurantMain_1015

Posted by IKEA on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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I was pleasantly surprised to learn that IKEA Singapore has a new product – veggie balls. Yes, non meat-lovers, rejoice! Personally, I don’t eat much meat (other than seafood). These veggie balls pack a punch, and offer a great and delicious substitute to meatballs. They are made from vegetables such as chickpeas, carrots, maize and kale, and do not contain any animal ingredients.

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I was really curious to see how IKEA‘s veggie balls would fare as I’m really particular about my veggies. Moreover, IKEA’s has always been known for their meatballs, which is at the other end of this spectrum.

My verdict? I like it.


What I like about it:

  • Its interesting texture due to the mixture of different kinds of vegetables.
  • It’s versatile (good with pastas, wraps, sandwiches, etc).
  • It’s anything but bland! It has a savoury and spice-heavy seasoning after taste that reminds me of Indian or middle-eastern food. Because of that, it’s good enough to be consumed on its own.
  • It also reminds me of falafels, which I love.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s fibre-rich and filling.
  • It’s not too starchy, unlike other vegetarian patties I’ve tried.

As shown on my Instagram (@vickiima)

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The veggie balls definitely added variety to my lunch boxes. Today, I made a wrap with these veggie ball ingredients. On other days, I’d add it into my salad or sandwich.

Recipe for Stuffed IKEA Veggie Ball Wholegrain Wrap (1 serving)


  • 5 veggie balls
  • Wholemeal wrap (here I used wraps from Mission Foods)
  • Vegetables
  • Your favourite dressing (here I mixed 1 tablespoon of Yuzu citron dressing, squeeze of calamansi and some chili padi


  • Heat up the veggie balls as per package instructions (by microwave, pan-frying, etc)
  • Just wrap and roll!

Before I end this post, I’d like to share a fun video on how it turned out when they got kids to try the veggie balls ;)



Thanks IKEA Singapore for a delicious and wholesome way to get my daily intake of greens.


(Information accurate as of 23 Nov 2015.)