[Sponsored Post] Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+

Technology makes our lives easier, yes? And how smart can a smartphone get? You will be surprised. Samsung continues to amaze me with its radical innovations.


This post will feature two gadgets that I recently acquired: the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ and Samsung Gear S. Thank you for the love, Samsung!


First up, the new Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+. It comes in four colours – Frost White, Charcoal Black, Blossom Pink and Bronze Gold. I chose to have it in white, although I must say that the black one makes for a pretty sleek choice too.

photo (4)

As an iPhone user, it took me some time to get used to the Android system. But once I got the hang of it, I started unraveling more features and it continued to amaze me. In fact, I’m still discovering new functions every other day.

Let me share some of the key features that I think deserves to be highlighted. You might have seen some of it on my Instagram (more: here & here).

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.21.41 pm

Firstly, it provides a superior viewing experience with its 5.7” Quad HD SUPER AMOLED Display, boasting magnificent colours and allowing you to view the most microscopic of details.

It also has an in-built Smart OIS function that allows me to take photos under low-light conditions. Here’s one taken with the Galaxy Note 4 WITHOUT any filter/edits, and guess what? I didn’t even have to use a tripod!


I’m also impressed with its Wide Selfie function. It allows you to take large group pictures at an ultra wide 120° angle, rendering the ubiquitous selfie stick redundant. My only gripe was that it took a few tries to get the shot because you need a steady pair of hands.

Widefie3 copy2

Additionally, the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ features a Photo Note function that allows you to convert handwritten notes to editable digital notes. Imagine how much convenience this can provide you during business meetings and class lectures! Just snap a picture of the whiteboard or notes and you can store it in your phone, in a digital and completely editable format.

photo 3

The actual ‘Photo Note’, downloaded and sent to my e-mail:


It also supports up to 300Mbps, which means you can enjoy 4G+ LTE Cat 6 connectivity at 2 times the speed of LTE Cat 4 and ½ the time. No more snail-like browsing and download speeds. Talk about productivity!

In particular, I also really like the handy stylus (S Pen) that comes with the phone. Unlike other styluses that are hard to control, the S Pen allows me to draw and jot to-do lists with such precision that it almost feels as if I’m writing on paper. I’m someone who prefers the physical act of writing at times and so this tool suits my needs.

2014-11-20 19.16.17

For those hungry for more, the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ has a smart companion that you can purchase separately, the Samsung Gear S.


Looks like a watch, doesn’t it? It’s definitely not your ordinary watch though.

Don’t belittle the portable size of this nifty device. It allows you to call, message and surf even without your phone. It’s also a great fitness companion with its Smart Sensors and GPS that allow you to track your running route, heart rate and footsteps. You can even access over 1,000 applications on this little device to further enhance your experience. I was amazed to discover that it is water resistant (IP67)! I can be a klutz sometimes so this feature will come handy for me. The strap is also detachable and interchangeable if you ever get bored of the colour.


And… there’s more! Samsung provides a multitude of content and services exclusively for their users, namely: the GALAXY Gifts, which is over $900 worth of content and service, e.g. special subscription rates for The New York Times. Not to mention, they also have GALAXY Life, a loyalty reward app that offers you discounts at merchants matching your interest, e.g. FREE 1 scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from now till Feb 16 or while stocks last!

For those who are keen, here is some helpful information:

Retail Price:

Galaxy Note 4 4G+: SGD $1,088 (without contract), available in Frost White, Charcoal Black, Bronze Gold and Blossom Pink.

Samsung Gear S: SGD $498 (without contract), available in Blue Black and White.

P.S.: In case you are wondering, Samsung makes transferring data from your current device to your new GALAXY device easy with the Smart Switch.

For more information on the Galaxy Note 4 4G+, head over to www.samsung.com/sg/galaxynote4, and follow Samsung’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/samsungmobilesingapore.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Samsung Singapore.