[Beauty] 3 summer essentials to protect your skin from the sun

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Summer or not, I have always placed great importance on sunscreen. Hence, I took the opportunity when Luxola Singapore offered to send me three different sunscreen products for my review. Sunscreen helps lessen skin damage from the sun and prevents ageing. Regardless of whether sunburn occurs, skin can be damaged with continued exposure. It is also important to note that sunscreen is equally important year-round, as UV rays are just as harmful during the winter as they are in summer.

I will never leave home without sunscreen. And I would even apply sunscreen indoors to protect my skin against the harmful UV rays which can penetrate the window panes. Yes, those UV rays can still reach you even when you are in the car on your way to work or when working at your office desk.

I am on a perpetual hunt for sunscreen products that deliver real results and will not break the bank. I cannot emphasize the importance of sunscreen enough-  you will thank your present self years down the road! 

Sunscreen is one of my biggest beauty secrets to share with you. In fact, my top 3 beauty tips would be:

1. Sunscreen
2. Sleep
3. Water

In this post, I will be reviewing the some sunscreen products that can be purchased from Luxola Singapore. Read on to the end of the post for a special promotion just for my readers! The three products are:

1. Soleil Toujours Face Sunscreen SPF 45
2. Lunamer UV Protector SPF 40
3. Supergoop! Everyday SPF 30 with Cellular Response Technology 2.4 fl. oz


First up, the Soleil Toujours Face Sunscreen SPF 45. Specially formulated for the face, this sunscreen feels the richest of the three. Given its heavy-weight, it would be perfect for intense sun exposure. Additionally, it provides a high-level SPF protection of 45, the highest of the three in this post. Another plus point is that it bears anti-ageing properties.  I’m also amazed that it only has five key ingredients: EcoSunComplex®, Pentapeptide-11, CoQ10, Sodium Hyaluronate, Green Tea Leaf Extract.  Personally, I’d prefer a more lightweight texture for everyday use instead of the luxurious and sticky texture offered by the Soleil Toujours. However, this would be my go-to product on days when I want maximum sun protection and whenever I feel like treating my skin to something luxurious.  It would be a good idea to have a few bottles of sunscreen for various uses, and this is a keeper for sure! 

Next, the Lunamer UV Protector SPF 40.  What is so special about the Lunamer is that it contains a key ingredient, Crown Sugar, that filters harmful pollutants and microscopic debris from penetrating the skin. As such, the Lunamer sunscreen doubles as a protective layer – both against the sun and pollutants. The Lunamer also contains nano-nutrients to provide moisturizing effects – however I did not feel the difference in the level of moisture upon application. A downside is that the medium-weight product leaves a sticky feeling on the skin after application. For those interested to know, the Lunamer contains 5 key ingredients: Clear Nano Vitamin E, Nano Vitamin A, Curcumin, Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract, Crown Sugar. With that, the Lunamer is more likely to be an everyday product as compared to the Soleil Toujours.


Finally, the Supergoop! Everyday SPF 30 with Cellular Response Technology 2.4 fl. oz. Of the three, the Supergoop! is my favourite. I really like how lightweight and fast-absorbing this felt on my skin. The lotion is oil-free which is great for people who dislike the oily sensation on your skin. Despite it being oil-free, it still feels moisturizing. I love the easy packaging- just twist-and-lock after use with no mess at all. With natural extracts of citrus, basil and boise de rose, the lotion has a subtle and pleasant fragrance with no unpleasant “sunscreen” smell. Also, brownie points for Supergoop! for its cruelty-free and non-toxic line of products. A quick search has revealed that Supergoop! is the first and only prestige skincare brand 100% dedicated to sun protection.  This is one product that combines science with minimalism to create a powerful sunscreen that is perfect for everyday use.

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