My Baselworld Experience in Switzerland

This year I had the privilege to be in Switzerland for Baselworld, the world’s biggest watch and jewellery fair. It was an eyeopening experience to say the least, and I am honoured to be able meet with the people behind these established brands. Visitors will get an overview of the watch and jewellery industry and its offerings, including the latest collections and innovations. Whereas, brand owners will get a chance to meet with product suppliers.

The entire fair lasted a week, but I was there for 3 days. I attended the event as a media (for my blog) and plus one for Zelos Watches, a homegrown watch brand. I’ve been involved in Marketing work for Zelos (see latest Kickstarter campaign here that raised over $330k). As a brand owner, Zelos was able to schedule appointments with potential movement and strap suppliers to view the actual items.

zelos watches, singapore watch brand, watch brand, micro watches

Zelos Gallant, from the Swiss Automatic watch collection.

Some highlights from the event:

Chanel boyfriend watch, baselworld, switzerland

Chanel Boyfriend watch iterations over the years.


Anonimo uses a unique choice of materials, such as bronze, an element that the brand was one of the first users in watchmaking, and that is still included in each of its lines.

Patek Philippe ladies watch.

Could not help but notice the lovely Japanese-inspired bamboo design at the Hermes booth.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, a fine Scandinavian luxury jewellery maker since 1963.

Laduree at Baselworld

Laduree at Baselworld.

Blooming in Spring

It was Spring so I feasted my eyes on all the gorgeous flowers. It was also cherry blossom period in Japan but I guess these pink magnolias would do just fine.

baselworld, basel

Spotted this tree with blooming magnolias on the walk home, had to stop for a snap.

Cartier ballon bleu, tulips, Baselworld

Tulips aplenty outside the Baselworld convention halls.

Life along the Rhine River bank

Staying close to the Rhine River was a treat for our eyes. We had to walk about 20 minutes to get to the Baselworld convention but the view was so beautiful that we enjoyed the walk. In fact, we got to most places by foot and hardly commuted. However, Basel has an extensive public transport network (the light rail tram and bus). The bright green trams and buses are prompt, relatively inexpensive, clean and convenient.

During the warm season, it is a common for the locals to soak up the sun by the Rhine. On one of the evenings, we did what the locals do and bought some pretzels to snack on by the river.

In general, Basel is a rather laidback country with most shops closing by 6pm. The locals enjoy hanging out by the river. Our AirBnb host told us that having a beer by the river every day is a norm for them.

baselworld, basel, Mittlere Brücke

View from the Mittlere Brücke (Middle Bridge), the oldest bridge in Basel.

Architecture in Basel.

Hipster coffee, anyone?

pretzel, salted pretzel, rhine river, basel

Salted butter pretzel.

Admiring the view of the Rhine River at golden hour.


I stayed at an AirBnb apartment close to the Rhine river. It was a great decision as we could cook and prepare our own meals. It was a joy cooking with all the fresh produce and we always had some wine and cheese along with our food as they are much more affordable in Switzerland. Did I mention that wine and beer costs the same as water or tea in a cafe here? If you’re planning to cook, be sure to do your groceries early as most supermarkets close before 7!

Scrambled eggs was a regular on the breakfast table.

Could not pass up the chance to have 5-dollar Burrata cheese.

It was undoubtedly the busiest time of the year in Basel with people from the watch and jewellery industry traveling all the way here. Still, it was a lovely period to be in Basel. Spring had great weather- slightly chilly but with some warmth from the sun. I hope to back again next year.

Thank you for having us, Baselworld!

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